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What makes us different

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Industry Expertise

We have a strong thesis for how the future will unfold. Our guidance and market perspective gives founders access to “smart money.” We work hard to help our companies move up the maturity curve and stay out of trouble.

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Robust Network

Our network is second to none. Our industry reputation and reach gives founders credibility and distribution with potential early customers and partners. Our connections with co-investors helps founders raise and close subsequent rounds.

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Founder Empathy

Being a founder is hard and can often be thankless. Entrepreneurs experience crazy highs and terrible lows. One of our key roles is to be there for our founding teams. In good times and in bad. As a steadfast rock they can lean on.


We invest across mobility

Connectivity, Cybersecurity
& Compliance

Vehicles are creating more data than ever, which is both opportunity and threat.

Autonomy, Robotics & AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) & robotics have the potential to usher in a new wave of safety and productivity.

Shared Assets, Subscription & Convenience Economy

New generations of consumer may be willingly to trade price for convenience and be open to new ownership models.

& New Energy Sources

The world is moving to reduce our carbon footprint and new energy sources are a key piece of the puzzle.

Evolution of Auto Commerce

The shift from analog to digital shopping and buying continues to create significant opportunities for innovation.

Smart City & Urban Mobility

Cities, vehicles and pedestrians will become more interconnected than ever before, technology will be critical to making our cities safer and cleaner.

Industrial Technology

Mining, agricultural and other non-automotive use-cases for mobility technology may be the most immediately compelling from an ROI perspective.

The Dealership of the Future

Dealerships must navigate unprecedented change over the next decades. We're thrilled to empower them to invest into, and participate financially in, the auto tech startups they help to grow.


Our team

Our team has dedicated the greater part of our professional careers to the mobility ecosystem. We build value by leveraging our industry experience, knowledge, and connections.