Auriga Space

Pioneering Electromagnetic Technology for Responsive and Sustainable Space Exploration

Auriga Space
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About the company

Auriga Space was founded in 2022 to build the next generation of launch infrastructure for significantly higher cadence and cheaper launch. The LA-based business has a bold mission: reduce launch costs while introducing a clean energy alternative into the launch market.

The company’s launch system relies on a ground-based electromagnetic track that uses electricity to create a powerful magnetic field. The energy from the magnets accelerates a projectile down the track at incredible speed — think of it as a similar technology to a high-speed maglev train.

Then, aiming the accelerator upwards, Auriga will shoot the vehicle out into the atmosphere. After reaching a high altitude using just kinetic energy from the launch, the vehicle will then fire up its engines to complete the less intensive last leg to orbit.

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Auriga Space