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Shell Startup Showdown,
Powered by Automotive Ventures

Virtual Event, February 15 - March 29, 2022

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The Shell Startup Showdown is a joint effort between Automotive Ventures and Shell Lubricants, the world's #1 lubricants supplier for the past 15 years, which awards grants to top early-stage automotive technology startups that are innovating in the areas of mobility, customer experience, net-zero emissions and new energies.

The competition, which aims to recognize and reward automotive technology companies that best align with Shell's goal to power progress through more and cleaner energy solutions, launched on February 15, 2022 and finished with a Demo Day to Shell Lubricants executives on March 29, 2022.

The Winner, 4.Screen
$35,000 Grant
4.Screen Logo.png

Co-founded by Fabian Beste, Simon Hecker and Christoph Mahlert, top finisher 4.Screen is an API-based platform that enables local businesses and global brands to communicate in real-time with drivers.

Second Place, Cinch
$15,000 Grant
Cinch Logo.png

Cinch is a data science and low-code, no-code automation platform that brings together a company’s data from many different sources, cleans and normalizes the data, runs data models and allows users to easily and quickly use this data to drive revenue. The company was founded by Justin Rae, Jared Rich and Chris London.



CarmaCare co-founders, Jonathan Palan and Devi Mohanty, launched CarmaCare to make car repair and service convenient with the company’s subscription-based vehicle health care protection plan.



Founded by Heather Hochrein, EVmatch is the developer of a sharing software platform that connects electric vehicle (EV) drivers to underutilized charging stations through a peer-to-peer public charging network.

Moment Energy.png

Moment Energy

Moment Energy is an energy storage company that provides clean, affordable and reliable energy storage by repurposing retired electric vehicle (EV) batteries. The company was founded by Gabriel Soares, Edward Chiang, Sumreen Rattan and Gurmesh Sidhu.



Nemodata, founded in 2020 by Gal Bechor and Tom Shachar, is powering Fleet 4.0 - the next generation of fleet operations - with data and artificial intelligence to predict fleet breakdowns, support logistics and empower freight operations.

If you're an early-stage automotive technology startup, we'd love to hear from you.

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