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Steve Greenfield Announces Automotive Ventures' $100K Prize for the Winner of AutoTech's Got Talent

We are about to launch the first season of AutoTech’s Got Talent, where the best early-stage automotive technology companies battle it out for the win.

We want you to help us to identify the 10 most outstanding early-stage companies in the automotive technology space, so they can face off over ten weeks this summer.

You nominate the companies. You help decide the winner.

And to coincide with the launching of Automotive Ventures’ new Venture Capital fund, we are going to make the contest a bit more interesting. We are going to offer the winning company a $100 thousand dollar investment from Automotive Ventures Fund I.

You heard me right. The winning company will be offered a $100,000 investment from Automotive Ventures.

It’s an interesting time to be in automotive, to say the least. We believe the industry is at an inflection point and on the cusp of massive change. We are excited and humbled to play a small part to help usher in the next wave of technological innovation in the industry by funding the founders who are building transformational companies in this space.

We are still looking for additional outstanding early-stage Auto Tech companies to recognize. Nominations will be open for another week or so, so make sure you get your nomination in now!

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