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Social Auto Transport Rebrands Company to HopDrive

Updated: Apr 1, 2021


Social Auto Transport, specialists in car concierge services for dealerships, customers and fleet management companies, has rebranded to HopDrive. An overhaul of the company's brand identity and marketing communications kicks off with the launch of

Founded in 2018, HopDrive easily moves cars short distances for the automotive space, helping vehicles get from car hauler to store, store to store, or from dealership to driveway. The company's drivers, like those employed by Uber and Lyft, arrive within 90 minutes to drive cars up to 30 miles. HopDrive quickly gets vehicles where they need to be without expensive, heavy-duty car haulers or tow trucks, or taking available staff away from selling cars and servicing customers.

"Our new HopDrive brand better communicates the convenience and efficiencies we bring to dealers and consumers," said Nick Mottas, co-founder of HopDrive. "COVID hyper-accelerated the use of our services. Today, dealers need every possible advantage to acquire customers and meet their expectations. These advantages include concierge pickup and delivery for service customers, at-home test drives and purchase deliveries, and on-demand porters to move vehicles to and from dealerships, service bays and driveways – and everything in between."

Mottas explains HopDrive is not just a software solution. “It's a full-service vehicle moving company consisting of on-call, fully insured drivers. By offering convenient pick-up and delivery, our company expands customer reach, improves satisfaction, grows revenue by increasing existing and new service business while cutting unnecessary expense and overhead."

For Mottas’ partner and co-founder, Rob Newton, the company's rebranding efforts continue to build on the ways HopDrive simplifies customers' lives.

"Before COVID, consumers disliked driving their cars to and from the dealership,” said Newton. “HopDrive is a better use of everyone's time. Customers want a convenient way to test drive, service and take delivery of their cars. Employees want a better way to sell cars and create raving fans and word-of-mouth referrals. We drive cars for dealerships, allowing customers and staff to focus on more important things.”

About HopDrive

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Richmond, Virginia, HopDrive specializes in on-demand short trips, and concierge pickup and delivery services for dealerships and their customers. Automotive businesses use HopDrive as a short drive solution for one way, roundtrip, and multi-location moves – without the need for expensive, heavy duty car haulers or pulling dealership staff away from selling and servicing cars or customers. HopDrive helps dealers improve CSI, grow revenue, and cut costs. For more information, visit or reach out to the company's New Client Team at

Originally published on Cision.

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