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Skye Haulman of One Auction View® Wins AutoTech’s Got Talent

Updated: Mar 26, 2022

One Auction View® Receives $100,000 Investment Offer from Automotive Ventures

Skye Haulman, founder of One Auction View®, has won Automotive Ventures’ inaugural AutoTech’s Got Talent competition. Ten automotive technology companies battled it out over ten weeks in a Shark Tank®-style TV show format, with each video segment featuring a five-minute contestant pitch, five-minute Q&A and voting from three automotive industry experts, as well as weekly voting among LinkedIn® users.

The judges and audience voted for the automotive technology company that they felt best deserved a $100,000 investment offer from Automotive Ventures. Cumulative votes were tallied, with One Auction View® coming out on top.

“It is extremely rewarding to have One Auction View® recognized for the game changing platform that we created to help every dealer solve one of the industry’s most significant challenges – acquiring used cars,” said Skye Haulman, founder of One Auction View®.
“Our long-awaited solution simplifies the process, combining both virtual and physical auctions on one screen with our fast, intuitive user interface and the most advanced tools in the industry today. We want to thank Automotive Ventures for this very high honor and congratulate the other nine outstanding startup companies involved in this competition.”

Steve Greenfield, founder and CEO of Automotive Ventures, created and hosted the competition.

“AutoTech’s Got Talent was a lot of fun, but most importantly, it revealed the breadth and depth of entrepreneurial talent that exists in the automotive technology space,” said Greenfield.
“The contestants did an outstanding job showcasing technologies that provide real solutions to real problems in our industry. Skye Haulman of One Auction View® charged out of the gate in the lead and held that lead over all ten weeks. We’re inspired by his cutting-edge technology and proud to offer him a $100,000 investment to help grow his business.”

Automotive industry experts, Kelly Price, Andrew Iorgulescu, and Hal Logan, served as AutoTech’s Got Talent judges and asked tough questions regarding product functionality, revenue models, marketing and business development initiatives, and future growth and scalability plans.

LinkedIn® users nominated the top ten contestants for AutoTech’s Got Talent and cast their votes throughout ten weeks of rigorous competition. Here are the final combined judges and audience scores.

One Auction View: 8.66 Shyft Auto: 8.61 Selly Automotive: 8.37 Insignia Group: 8.34 Aucto: 8.18 8.06 Cognition Digital: 7.95 LotPop: 7.94 Bank My Bike: 6.69 ADAPT: 6.30

Check out all of the AutoTech’s Got Talent episodes, weekly updates, and interviews with both the judges and the winner, Skye Haulman, here:

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