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March Madness Learnings: Auto Tech’s Got Talent Up Next

I hope everyone enjoyed the Automotive Ventures March Madness contest on LinkedIn, where you got to vote for which automotive technology company is most likely to achieve a $1 billion dollar exit some day.

64 companies began, but only one could win. Your votes got them there. We had many very close contests throughout, but the last match took the cake.

This last contest truly was a match of equals. Seven days, and the lead went back and forth numerous times. The winner had trailed until the last 12 hours and then pulled ahead just barely beating their opponent by just 4 VOTES! It literally came down to the wire.

Our winner this year was Digital Retailing provider CarNow, beating out connected Car player Spireon by just four votes in the final seconds of the contest.

CarNow tallied 782 votes to Spireon’s 778 votes. It was amazing to see two opponents who were so well matched in this final contest.

I want to thank all of you for your incredible engagement throughout the bracket, and I appreciate each and every one of our 64 participating companies, and we look forward to seeing you at next year’s contest.

Given the strong interest from the automotive community to be introduced to early stage auto tech companies, and the challenge from many of you to outdo ourselves for this next contest, stay tuned to the Automotive Ventures LinkedIn page for “AutoTech’s Got Talent”, which will be launching shortly!

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