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Automotive Ventures Sweet 16 Results and Elite 8 Announcement

Steve Greenfield of Automotive Ventures highlights the March Madness 2021 Round 2 results (the Sweet 16) of the companies that have the best chance of a $1 billion-plus exit someday.

Well folks, I hope you’ve been enjoying the Automotive Ventures March Madness contest on LinkedIn, where you get to vote for which autotech company is most likely to achieve a $1 billion+ exit someday.

We’re down to the Elite Eight candidates, and the bidding has been furious.

Beyond bragging rights, I’ll have the winning company join me on the Friday Five on CBT News.

So far, a couple of our companies have rallied incredibly strong voting support on LinkedIn.

Digital Retailing provider CarNow rallied over 700 votes in this last round. Spireon received over 650 votes, and Carwave rallied 400 votes.

At this point it looks like CarNow is the favorite to take the final crown, but just barely ahead of Spireon in vote count. But as they say, it’s never over ‘til it’s over.

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