an Automotive Ventures enterprise

AVStrategy offers comprehensive consulting, advising, and strategy services for industry partners, dealers, and investors in automotive.

We believe in action that achieves results. We know our process works because our team is made of experienced industry professionals who have founded and built companies, scaled operations, successfully exited, and executed with great success.


Led by Mike Rother

AVStrategy is led by Mike Rother who has more than 20 years of product, technology, and operations experience in the industry.

He has held leadership roles in a wide range of business operations and company growth stages -  from early startups to acquisition and transformational shifts to mature digital marketing platforms and scaled operating models in the automotive industry. Most recently, Mike managed and led the Dealer.com business as General Manager and Senior Vice President.


Guided by the AVWay


Vision + Action

We believe in big ideas and know the importance of creating a plan with clear focus and direction to make these ideas a reality.


Experience = Wisdom

Our team is made of seasoned industry leaders with unique automotive-centric experience, learnings, and their own networks of dealers, executives, and founders.



Sometimes it’s about who you know. We believe in the power of relationships, making connections, and forging partnerships that power and innovate our industry.



We have been there. We offer a practical perspective on the industry, your marketplace, the landscape, and your future as it relates to your business.



Businesses must prioritize with a clear goal in mind–growth, evolution, investment, exit strategies, defensible position, and more. We focus on what matters most to you.

How We Help

Our services are individualized based on each clients' needs. We assist smaller companies launching and in growth phase as well as established brands as an industry expert and asset. We bring thought leadership, fact-based perspectives and knowledgeable insight about the industry to our work, which includes targeted deliverables, business assessments, and practical strategies to leading holistic, company-wide strategies and projects.


Energize and accelerate the growth of your business.  

  • Increase revenue

  • Decrease costs

  • Increase retention and lower churn

  • Design product marketing and go-to-market strategies


Plan what to buy, how to sell, or who to partner with.

  • Research acquisition targets

  • Prepare exit strategies

  • Find investments and partnerships


Develop strategies that prepare for the future.

  • Business shifts and transformation

  • Plan how and where to scale

  • Create adjacent business model generation

  • Assess market drivers and future industry landscape


We look forward to hearing from you.